Comments shared by clients about the benefits they have received from Julie Rozenfeld's work:

I’ve found your massages to be most profoundly relaxing and refreshing that I’ve ever had, and I’ve been getting massages regularly for years. I haven’t had any real injuries to treat, but the work you did recently to open my sinuses was amazing. It cleared my sinuses and the pressure in my ear that the ENT doctors could not fix. By the time I got to my car after the massage I could hear clearly through my right ear with no buzzing and no sensation of fullness behind my eardrum.

- A.W.

In her work with the dance company, Julie Rozenfeld demonstrates not only an exceptional level of physical knowledge and skill but a great sensitivity to the particular needs of performing artists. The dancers appreciate her attention to therapeutic concerns as well as her focus on injury prevention. Julie is wonderful!

- Lisa Leizman | The Lisa Leizman Dance Company

For 18 years I suffered from pain under my left shoulder blade. Doctors, medicine, and chiropractors did not help. I was always afraid of getting a massage – it seemed too “personal” to me and I felt uncomfortable with the idea of it. I’ve known Julie for years and finally decided to try a massage with her because I trust her. After one session the pain went away (honestly, this is a true story.) Julie made me feel so very comfortable, and I am so thankful that I know her. She is kind, compassionate, and truly knowledgeable. I go back regularly now because I don’t want more pain; it’s a great way to care for myself.

- Sheri Katz, Ph.D

I have been getting massages regularly with Julie at Blue Heron Massage for years now, usually every other week. I have so many good things to say about her work, and her schedule is flexible and can accommodate my busy schedule. She is a very skilled massage therapist and knows a lot about keeping healthy in general.

- B.J., MD

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